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5th October 2016

Can you do it?

Last Friday at Wildfire Towers we fully embraced the MacMillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with an overflowing of cake, coffee and fund raising – over

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Juliet Philip Profile Image
Written by
Juliet Philip
4th October 2016

Discover the ‘secret science’ of great ideas

As an industry we’re spending a lot more time thinking about how great ideas are generated. While most of us would agree that inspiration plays

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Lorraine Jenkins Profile Image
Written by
Lorraine Jenkins
4th October 2016

Can Facebook really be the new internal company system?

Facebook as a tool at work? Somehow I can’t imagine the day-to-day status updates, posting pictures of Saturday night antics and sharing hilariously inappropriate videos in the online presence

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Emma Sandham Profile Image
Written by
Emma Sandham
3rd October 2016

KITT: “Michael, that’s not asking a lot, that’s asking a miracle”

Most people who grew up in the 80s or even the 90s will remember Knight Rider, a popular TV series where a lone crime fighter

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Carolyn Devadawson