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19th November 2015

On the new Word of the Year and why everyone needs to chill out

The Wildfire office has been up in arms this week, with the announcement that an emoji has been announced as the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of

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Ella Delancey Profile Image
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Ella Delancey
16th November 2015

Have you been telling stories?

Growing up in a household in the North of England, for me ‘telling stories’ was something that could easily result in a warm ear, rumbly

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Paula Fifield
13th November 2015

All I want for Christmas

Well, it’s not my two front teeth or a telescope to watch an old man in the moon. The proliferation of Christmas advertisements on the

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Juliet Philip
12th November 2015


Last week I spent a day at the GSA Entrepreneurship conference, hosted by Merrill Lynch, in the building that was once Post Office HQ in

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Andrew Shephard