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Multimedia content creation

Never before have there been so many channels and so much content all competing for our attention so to create ‘cut through’ content must have a clear value to its target audience. Successful content relies less on big budget production values and more on creativity, resonance and earned distribution.

Wildfire is skilled in the creation of all forms of creative content to support brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation – from whitepapers, how to guides and ebooks to infographics, videos and apps. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, and whatever the content, our creative energy and respect for the audience is the key distinguishable factor in everything we produce.

It’s important to remember we’re not in the business of merely presenting information. Our job is to make a case and to persuade people.

Ben Smith

Wildfire’s PR and content generation has been vital to the success of UserLock sales. High- quality research-lead reports, media coverage and thought leadership have helped build our visibility and credibility in new markets — and the results speak for themselves. The Wildfire team are great to work with.

Chris Bunn Marketing director

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