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Mythical beasts of marketing

BlueVenn brings marketing challenges to life

Cutting through the noise

BlueVenn’s customer data platform is marketing tech to impress. Yet the martech sector is overflowing with brands vying for mindshare, making it harder than ever for quality products to cut through. To grab the attention of busy CMOs, BlueVenn tasked Wildfire with delivering a memorable content campaign that would bring its platform to life.

A marketing monster

Taking inspiration from classic fairy tales, Wildfire converted industry data on CMO challenges into an interactive storybook on the ‘mythical beasts of marketing’. Armed with a trusty sword (BlueVenn), our hero cut down these metaphorical monsters to save the world of marketing.

Supported with beast toys, puzzles, and journalist giveaways, the content-led campaign formed the foundation of BlueVenn’s marketing and branding approach. The narrative was a smash hit with CMOs and became the cornerstone of emails, ads, and a booth at the Technology for Marketing show.

The results...


pieces of coverage


demo sign-ups


qualified leads