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Creativity: More than just an outcome

Posted by Debby Penton on 7th March 2024

In the competitive marketing, PR, and advertising industries, we’re often fixated on the endgame: creativity as the outcome. 

Want to get a brand in the spotlight in the crowded market? Ramp up the creativity. 

Aiming to launch effective campaigns that stick in people’s minds? Infuse them with an element of surprise — all in the name of creativity.

But here’s the twist. Fostering a culture of creativity isn’t just about dazzling results. It’s also about the vibe we create while getting there. It’s no secret that a positive workplace can be a hotbed for innovation. Happy employees are more inclined to go the extra mile, push boundaries, and come up with fresh ideas. 

So, nurturing a healthy, fun, and engaging culture isn’t just nice to have…it’s a must-have. 

However, recent studies have flipped the script on us, suggesting that the link between creativity and well-being is a two-way street. In other words, if you’re aiming for a thriving team, making space for creative freedom isn’t just beneficial — it’s essential.

The psychology of creative freedom

Let’s delve deeper. Idea generation can be a liberating, enjoyable experience. When we’re brainstorming, we’re not just throwing ideas into a pot. Instead, we’re breaking free from our usual confines, stretching beyond the everyday norms, and letting our imaginations run free.

And there’s more. The collaborative magic of teamwork — the shared eureka moments — forge bonds. Sharing ideas is akin to sharing a piece of ourselves, paving the way for stronger connections and potentially even overcoming any feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Psychologists remind us about the cornerstone of well-being: autonomy. The freedom to steer our course at work not only amps up creative output but marries ideas and knowledge from diverse realms, making the work day a canvas of personal choice.

This empowerment in the creative process satisfies our psychological need for independence, sparking joy and well-being.

The win-win of creativity at work

A creative workplace is a jackpot for businesses, delivering stellar results for clients and a happier, more fulfilled team. But here’s the caveat: the climate has to be just right. Creativity thrives in spaces where ideas are met with open arms, not judgmental stares.

So how do we cultivate such an environment? Well, leadership sets the tone. My team will undoubtedly support the fact that I’m the most likely to introduce the most ridiculous ideas in brainstorming sessions to help spark ideas in others as it also encourages people to share comfortably. I’m regularly the first to point out my list of ‘not-so-glorious’ ideas that fizzled out. It’s about embracing the process — failures and all.

Debby Penton

Motivated, competitive and highly experienced, Debby drives excellence across the agency and leads by example, going the extra mile to create stand-out campaigns and a dynamic agency culture. As CEO, Debby champions a new breed of PR that meets the evolving communication needs of today’s tech companies.