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Ruining Hollywood

IS Decisions’ security campaign takes on Hollywood

From complicated to captivating

Like most security software providers, IS Decisions had the challenge of explaining a complex product in an easy-to-understand way to aid the path to purchase. To simplify this narrative, IS Decisions tasked Wildfire with developing a memorable content campaign that would bring the benefits of its software to life.

Turning movies into market share

Wildfire’s ‘IS Decisions ruins Hollywood’ creative video showed how the right security software could have ruined some of our favourite blockbuster movies. Uploading a virus in Independence Day? Blocked. Stealing files from an MI6 hard drive? Firewalled.

Launched on an interactive landing page, this creative video campaign engaged prospects in a way the company had never achieved before. This plot’s finale? A 42% increase in sales.

Wildfire’s content generation was vital to the success of our sales — the results speak for themselves.

The results...


increase in software sales


increase in UserLock trial downloads


unique web visitors to compliance content