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Three great examples of B2B creativity

Good PR is just as important for B2B tech companies as it is for consumer brands. After all, business leaders are consumers too. They want to be surprised, intrigued and inspired to try something new.

Unfortunately, B2B content is often boring enough to put you to sleep — literally. The same white papers, webinars and blogs aren’t enough anymore to capture your audience and bring in new customers. To really stand out in today’s competitive environment, it takes something truly exciting. It takes creativity.

At Wildfire, we’ve been championing the power of B2B creativity. From heralding “The “App-ocalypse”, to ruining Hollywood action films — even staging a funeral — there’s no shortage of interesting ideas in B2B.

Here are a few of our boldest and best…

1. Heralding in The App-ocalypse

When Apple announced it was abolishing a host of tracking features from its browsers and phones, the world of in-app advertising changed forever. Thankfully, adtech brand Bango has developed a unique targeting tech which remains unaffected by the change.

To promote this unique position, Wildfire and Bango launched “The App-ocalypse” a comic book telling the tale of unreachable ‘zombie app users’ set free with Bango’s tech. Through a targeted ABM campaign, Bango wrote influencers, journalists, and prospects into the story — providing them with their own customised comics. With over 200 downloads and 30 media write-ups, the results speak for themselves.

2. A funeral for Windows 7

When Microsoft ended support for its popular Windows 7 operating system, IT company Kollective wanted to newsjack the occasion to promote its OS migration services.

Working with Wildfire, Kollective launched a year-long countdown to the end-of-life deadline – complete with industry research, a virtual cost calculator, and a digital doomsday clock.

Finally, the official end-of-life date for Windows 7 was marked by a funeral with floral tributes, a branded tombstone, and even crying mourners. Through a combination of visual stunts, online content, and audience research, the campaign drove thousands of web visits and dozens of leads for Kollective.

3. Ruining Hollywood  

Security platform IS Decisions had the challenge of explaining a complex product in a memorable way to aid the path to purchase. Wildfire’s ‘IS Decisions ruins Hollywood’ campaign did just that.

You’ve probably seen a film where a hacker tries to infiltrate a computer network for nefarious purposes. It’s a common Hollywood cliché, and one that would be easy to stop if only the right security software was in place.

Launching a tongue-in-cheek video, IS Decisions showed how Hollywood cyberattacks would have been blocked…if only its software was installed. Uploading a virus in Independence Day? Blocked. Stealing files from an MI6 hard drive? Firewalled.

The video campaign captivated security audiences and demonstrated the power of humour in B2B campaigns

From B2Boring to B2Bold

B2B doesn’t have to be boring. That’s why Wildfire’s latest campaign is all about showing how B2B can be just as exciting and creative as consumer campaigns.

The campaigns listed here are just the beginning. There’s plenty more exciting ideas out there. To find out how creativity can give your B2B tech brand a boost, check out Wildfire’s B2Bold campaign page.

The case for B2B Creativity

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