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The App-ocalypse

Bango brings ad targeting back from the dead

The end is nigh

When Apple announced it was abolishing a host of tracking features from its browsers and phones, the advertising world panicked. Thankfully, adtech brand Bango has developed a unique targeting tech which remains unaffected by the change.

Wildfire created a new narrative for Bango promoting its unique adtech technology and position as a martech brand safe from…The App-ocalypse!

Targeting rises again

Jumping on media chatter about Apple’s decision, Wildfire crafted the App-ocalypse messaging narrative, which told the tale of unreachable ‘zombie prospects’ set free with Bango’s tech.

Brought to life as a comic book — à la The Walking Dead — Wildfire worked with an illustrator to make key influencers, journalists, and Bango customers the hero of their own copy, complete with their own apocalyptic survival kit. The result? An undead ABM campaign that brought Bango’s tech to life.

Wildfire’s App-ocalypse campaign was a fantastic way to talk about privacy and the benefits of our technology in a totally new and creative way. From the unique visuals to the creative ABM outreach — for a campaign about zombies, it definitely brought our message to life!

The results...


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