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Laying Windows 7 to rest

Kollective says a final farewell to Windows 7

The great migration

Enterprise IT brand Kollective helps businesses migrate from one operating system to the next. Keen to take ownership of the upcoming ‘end of life’ of Windows 7, the company turned to Wildfire to insert itself into the media conversation.

To put Kollective front and centre of this major tech news, Wildfire kicked off a year-long countdown of creative content, media messaging, and morbid stunts, to celebrate the life — and death — of Windows 7.

RIP Windows 7

One year before the official end of life date, Wildfire launched a ‘doomsday clock’, ramping up the tension for CIOs and firing the starting pistol on the race to migrate.
Supported with research showing the security risks of missing the deadline, the stunt set up Kollective’s team as the go-to spokespeople on OS migration.

With the doomsday clock about to strike midnight, Wildfire went the extra mile to grab media attention with a public funeral for Windows 7, complete with branded tombstone, floral tributes, and grieving mourners. The stunt smashed our campaign targets and delivered a picture story that IT professionals would never forget.

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