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Breaking through the noise with wearable payments at MWC

Putting wearable payments in the spotlight at MWC

Attracting more than 100,000 attendees, MWC is the place to be seen for any brand involved in the mobile industry. But with around 24,000 companies coming together at the world’s largest mobile event, standing out from the crowd is a big challenge.

Our in-depth understanding and experience of MWC guaranteed that Samsung is front of mind with influencers before, during and after the event. From tech previews that lay the groundwork with media and analysts, to official announcements during MWC, to post-show thought leadership to maintain momentum, our event strategy made sure Samsung’s innovative wearable payments technology took centre stage.

The Results


interviews with top-tier industry analysts, nationals and tech media


pieces of coverage across national, consumer tech, electronics and fintech media


coverage views

Wildfire’s technical understanding goes way beyond the ordinary, and the team’s strong media relations guarantee that our core messages reach the right target audiences.

Thomas Arenz
Director of marketing communications

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