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Stressed out shoppers

Clicktale de-stresses Christmas with digital experience analytics

Frictionless analytics

Clicktale’s analytics technology helps the world’s biggest brands understand customer shopping patterns. For marketers, these insights are vital for removing friction from the online shopping experience.

To promote this narrative, Clicktale tasked Wildfire with building Clicktale’s reputation as an essential marketing technology in the run up to the busy Christmas sales season.

Stressed out shoppers

To highlight the power of ‘frictionless’ shopping, Wildfire created a media relations and content campaign putting the spotlight on the psychological stress of bad shopping experiences.

Using consumer research, commentary from psychologists, and a ‘stress survival kit’ for journalists, Wildfire’s ‘Stressed Out Shoppers’ campaign delivered national and trade media attention, highlighting the issue of poor customer experiences and positioning Clicktale’s tech as the go-to solution.

I’ve worked with a number of people at Wildfire over the years and I am never disappointed by both the creativity of campaigns and the quality of the talent.

The results...


Pieces of targeted UK and US coverage


Hits driven to the Clicktale website


Downloads of the stress report