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The quiet critics

Uncovering secret unhappy shoppers with FullStory

Invisible feedback

FullStory’s unique analytics platform tracks subtle on-site user interactions like mouse movements and ‘rage’ clicks — giving brands unparalleled and unbiased insight into customers’ on-site behaviour and challenges.

To promote this powerful use case, FullStory tasked Wildfire with showing the power of Fullstory’s insights as the alternative to traditional customer feedback platforms like surveys and reviews.

Influence through influencers

Wildfire’s campaign pinpointed the flaws of traditional feedback methods by uncovering a large group of consumers who remain silent about negative online experiences. Dubbed ‘Quiet Critics’ — inspired by the trending concept of ‘quiet quitting’ — we brought put this hesitant consumer in the spotlight.

A media relations programme led by influencer and professional complainer Helen Dewry (The Complaining Cow) unveiled the Quiet Critics in a new report, highlighting why they never complain and how traditional feedback methods exclude this audience. The campaign was a hit with marketing, CX and retail media, driving coverage, web traffic, and positioning FullStory’s analytics platform as an insightful alternative to traditional feedback tools.