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Extra raspberry sauce

element14 wins the race for Raspberry Pi sales

A race for sales

The launch of the Raspberry Pi saw electronics distributor element14 competing head on with its primary competitor. As the only two companies stocking the micro-computer, both would be launching the item at the same price on the same day. Looking to grab a headstart on the competition, element14 hired Wildfire to supercharge sales on launch day.

Two scoops of success

With a top secret product, Wildfire needed a campaign that built buzz and exclusivity. Hiding the new Raspberry Pi in ice cream vans around London, electronics enthusiasts were invited to hunt down the vans, ordering ice cream ‘with extra raspberry sauce’ to receive a free Pi computer.

As word spread through an army of electronics influencers, Pi enthusiasts flocked to the streets in search of element14’s branded vans. VIP journalists and influencers were also invited to a top secret teaser at the Groucho Club. The result? element14 became the #1 destination for the new Raspberry Pi.

Wildfire’s campaign generated widespread buzz and extensive media coverage for element14, making us the go-to distributor for the Raspberry Pi.

The results...


pieces of national and tech coverage


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social engagements