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The world’s worst ad

Bango takes on search advertising with the world’s worst ad

Targeting is broken

When Bango approached Wildfire to raise awareness of its unique digital ad targeting tech, we led with a bold message — ‘search targeting is broken’ — and set about proving that thousands of search engine ads remain unclicked and unseen.

Following an analysis of more than 65,000 search ads, Wildfire found one in three never reaches the intended audience — wasting billions of pounds.

Worst. Ad. Ever.

With such poor targeting, it seems marketers would be better off buying a billboard in the middle of nowhere…so that’s what we did.

Taking over the UK’s least viewed billboard, Wildfire attacked the giants of search advertising and positioned Bango as a new, better alternative. The simple stunt was jumped on by key marketing influencers, inciting discussion in The Drum, WARC, B2B Marketing, and dozens of other marketing sites. Critically, the campaign created compelling collateral for the sales team.

Not such a bad billboard after all!

Wildfire created a visual story that cut through the marketing BS. Best ad I’ve ever run!

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