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International: Wildfire Connect

Wildfire has managed domestic and international PR campaigns for over 20 years. International markets continue to become increasingly important to businesses of all size, and the PR approach required to help businesses succeed can vary significantly in each country. For this reason, we have developed Wildfire Connect. We’ve built relationships with over 80 international partners to give you all the benefits of local market expertise with a single point of UK based co-ordination.

In 2017 Wildfire also become a member of PROI Worldwide — through this network we gain further connections in over 100 cities across more than 50 countries. It also provides our team with a platform to learn best practice and exchange ideas with more than 5,000 experienced practitioners servicing over 6,300 clients around the world.

What worked last year won’t necessarily work this year. What works in Germany may not work in the USA. We have to build campaigns that reflect  a clear understanding of time and place.

Richard Parker

International strategy

Planning an international campaign requires both global thinking and local knowledge. Wildfire’s experience with both customers and PR agencies from around the world make us ideally placed to plan and coordinate your strategy. We understand that different approaches to the same objectives will be required across borders and we also understand that different agencies have different competencies and specialities in delivering your requirements.

Having a natural interest in what’s going on in the world around you makes any PR activity so much easier

Andrew Shephard

Lead agency and network management

When it comes to international delivery, our clients like to be results focused leaving us to manage how we achieve them. Operating as the lead agency in an international network, we can ensure your campaign remains coordinated, benefits from strong local knowledge whilst providing a single point of contact for you.

Remote international delivery from the UK

Where an international network can be a benefit for larger or more nuanced PR requirements, there are also circumstances where an in-house campaign is sufficient for your international requirement. Wildfire employs a number of multi-lingual staff with international experience, ensuring we can deliver an authentic and successful campaign into a number of international territories without the need to involve a third party.

Agency selection and management

Whether you are starting fresh in a new country or you are looking to shake things up, we can help you find the right PR partner. Our Wildfire Connect network gives us a proven starting point of more than 80 partners, and our experience in curating this network means that we know how to find the right agency for you. We can manage all stages of the pitch and selection process, and provide counsel and guidance in the final selection.

The Wildfire Connect partner network

“Wildfire’s innovative and creative content helps us differentiate ourselves from international competitors and stand out in a traditional global market. Over the years we’ve used video, research, apps, social collateral and even a giant cake to deliver our messaging with impact.”

Jen Patterson EU PR Manager

If your business has global plans, Wildfire can help your PR campaigns take off

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