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Data Dive: Telling your AI story

Getting your AI tech noticed

From ChatGPT to Microsoft Copilot, artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for journalists, analysts and investors right now.

But for a lot of tech brands, AI is nothing new. From IT to martech, electronics to consumer devices, artificial intelligence has been part and parcel of tech products long before ChatGPT hit the scene.

With the renewed interest in AI there’s a huge opportunity for AI-powered tech brands, but also a serious challenge:

How can tech brands get cut through when the market is so overwhelmed with AI messages?

With our latest AI insights book, we set out to answer that question and support you in your next AI marketing or comms campaign.

Packed with the latest data, media analysis and audience insights, Wildfire’s Data Dive can help you sharpen your next AI campaign, promote AI-powered products in the media, and outsmart the competition.

Read or download your copy below:

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