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Gl-AI-stonbury Festival

Zyro hosts a star-studded lineup for its first AI festival

Intelligent web design

Website building platform Zyro wanted to build brand awareness in a way that would also show off its unique AI copywriting capabilities. Wildfire set about creating an AI-themed campaign that would cut through the noise and raise Zyro’s profile in marketing and national media.

From the Beatles to T-AI-lor Swift

Working with a team of programmers to train Zyro’s AI on hundreds of top pop songs, Wildfire used the platform’s copywriting function to build a bot that could generate brand new, never-heard-before songs by The Beatles, Kendrik Lamar, and Taylor Swift.

Enlisting tribute bands to perform the new tunes, Wildfire launched the world’s first AI festival: Gl-AI-stonbury. A media engagement campaign put Zyro’s AI features on the map with national newspapers, advertising giant AdWeek, and a host of creative blogs.

The results...


pieces of media coverage


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marketing and national press interviews