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Walls have ears

Posted by putsimply on 22nd November 2007

Also known as “conversations on a train”.

Mobile phones are great things – they allow us all to keep in contact wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Trouble is, when used in public all conversations become just that – public.

On a train yesterday into London I heard one man say “Hi, I am the PR for ***** **** and wondered if you had a few minutes to chat about ****”. Whoa, I thought, I am in PR, how many others in the carriage work in this area and are finding this equally interesting?

Return journey 4.30 pm. Man opposite phone rings and 20 minutes later after a very interesting conversation he concluded with the words “keep this to yourself as it is very hush-hush at the moment.” Well, at least eight of us in the vicinity had the opportunity to hear every word and, whilst it was not of particular interest to me, it could well have been useful company information to the man sitting behind him.

The time has come for people to think before they talk on public transport because what is of interest to them might well also prove interesting to an unknown fellow traveller. I will certainly be circumspect in future about my calls on the train, both business and personal.