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If the face fits

Posted by putsimply on 15th November 2007

I was one of the first people to embrace Friends Reunited and had great fun finding school friends and old boyfriends through its pages. I encouraged others I knew to join up and my husband even went to a reunion organised through its portal.

However, I find the thought of having a Facebook page a bit unsettling. What would I put up there and what if no one visits it – I am not sure I could stand the ignominy of it. “Gone on” my offspring tell me and list all my contempories who have listings on social networking sights, “Not bovvered” I reply.

This debate was highlighted in The Digital Life section of the DT last weekend where the demise of Friends Reunited’s popularity was lamented. This pioneer of social networking has now hit the doldrums and needs a good shake-up to bring it back into competition with sites such as Facebook, My Space and Bebo.

The question is, will I move on? Give in and succumb to the urge for self-publicity or will I stick to the tried and trusted of a few words on a site that is only visited by people I shared a dormitory with?