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Dangerous geek

Posted by putsimply on 26th November 2007

Am I the only one who found the story about the man who was suspected of terrorism being refused certain educational courses, because it may be used for terrorism, a bit startling? OK he’s here and under surveillance, presumably for a good reason, but attempting to block access to information by stopping an AS level science course seems a little futile. Who decides what’s unacceptable information – surely a French evening class or a driving course could be useful to a terrorist given the right circumstances. And who decides what training to restrict and who’s education to inhibit? All rather Orwellian.

I was amused to note that it was the “science bit” that really got the press’ attention last week. Still seen as a bit of a black-art science, which is very odd considering the level of technology understanding the average 12-year-old comes fitted with as standard. It is hopefully just a dwindling legacy that resides in those of us old enough to remember schools without computers, or without Iraqi students come to that. The average person’s understanding of science is really quite good – which is becoming a real advantage to those of us charged with promoting technology to wide audiences. As the geek factor subsides technology gains mass-market appeal, fantastic…