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I need, you need, we all need a MailGregator

Posted by putsimply on 28th November 2007

Phew. If it wasn’t enough having a full time job AND being an all round PR superstar, I’m now having to juggle five email inboxes. As well as the 100s of mails your average PR gets in their work inbox every day, I’ve also got Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and to contend with. And some of those inboxes send messages to other inboxes to tell me I’ve got a message from someone else.

I’m pooped!

“What I really need,” I say to myself, “is an email aggregator”. And guess what? After an extensive trawl of page one of a Google search, I discover there’s no such thing as an email aggregator!

My mind’s racing now, I’ve got visions of me standing with my flipchart in the Dragon’s Den pitching my idea to the Dragons.
The Dragons think my MailGregator idea is brilliant.
They ask me how much investment I need.
I say £200,000 should do it.
They ask what their cut is.
I say 10%.
Straightaway, Bannatyne’s oot.
Peter Jones says he’ll take it on for 50%.
I panic, and say I’ll settle on 60%.
Jones and I shake hands, but the deal falls through as I’ve only agreed to sell 60% of the MailGregator business, not my soul.

Now, I’m really exhausted, and decide I should just learn to live with it.