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Christmas is coming

Posted by putsimply on 3rd December 2007

And we are all aware how close it is now we are in December.  Time to dust down the Advent Ring, ice the cake, make the mince pies and write endless Christmas cards to people you have not spoken to/written to or even thought about for a year.

Last night as I went through the ritual of choosing who would receive which card from which charity and laboriously sticking address labels on the envelopes (my concession to technology) I thought, “there has to be a better way”.

Surely technology can help me. Trouble is that when you turn to technology you lose that personal touch that Christmas is all about.  I could send e-cards but not everyone has a computer – and I did crash two a few years ago when sending out an e-card.  I could set up a web page with happy family pictures and messages but – not everyone has a computer. I tried the ubiquitous ‘round robin’ letter one year but felt guilty every time I put one in an envelope.

What I want is a programme that will write the cards for me with individual messages for friends and relatives, put the cards in the envelopes and stick the stamps on.  Ideally it would take them to the post box too.

No I am not Scrooge, I love Christmas and I love getting all those cards through the door and reading everyone’s news.  I also like the opportunity to think about friends and relatives, especially in far-flung places. It’s just that I wouldn’t mind a bit of ‘kit’ to help me through it.