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Technology under the influence

Posted by putsimply on 8th October 2008

The solution to all those emails you really shouldn’t have sent is here. Google has announced its Gmail service will incorporate a safety net to stop you sending those late night emails after one too many drinks. The system is set up as a default to work from 10pm until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays and asks you to complete some simple maths questions before sending the email.

This is however not the first time a company has sought to help stop people sending messages they’ll regret in the cold light of day. Virgin Mobile in Australia offer a service where users can block themselves from calling or texting specified numbers until 6am the next day. Virgin found that 95 percent of people surveyed admitted to dialing while intoxicated, 35 percent of them drunk dial more than once a week, and exes receive 30 percent of those calls.

Now I’ll admit that on occasion I might have sent the odd text message that, on sober reflection, wasn’t the brilliant idea I thought it was at the time, and as a result I would agree that this is a rather good idea. So what’s next with technology looking after us in our hour of need? Perhaps mobiles should check text messages compiled late at night for literacy, and if it doesn’t pass a basic English test it should be put on hold until the next morning. How about a phone with a motion sensor that automatically calls you a cab when you fall over and it’s clearly time to go home.

Any other suggestions?