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Pizza or Pasta? Best marketing hoax ever?

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 6th October 2008

So, via Twitter, I discovered today that Pizza Hut are apparently rebranding. Further investigation found the FT, who confidently stated:

“Pizza Hut’s UK business is set to throw aside more than 35 years of history today by changing its name to Pasta Hut. In spite of a £17m investment updating many of its restaurants only this year, the group will spend a further £100m over the next six years to revamp its more than 700-strong UK chain, extend the number of outlets and launch a new, expanded menu.”

Not only the FT picked up on this, all the UK’s leading national and trade publications ran the story ( even ran graphs!).

But it just doesn’t seem quite right! Pizza Hut is a globally recognised brand – why change that!

Go to and it all becomes even more strange, as the site asks visitors “Do you think we should change our name?”. Seems a bit odd when the announcement has already been made. Even more surprising given that the vote is currently 70-30 against!

Bold rebranding exercise or an even bolder PR and marketing campaign to give the brand a new health conscious edge?

The Times wins the prize:

“To reinforce the point, 30 branches are to be renamed (temporarily) Pasta Hut.”

Good work

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Danny Whatmough