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The price of a blog post…

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 9th October 2008

Self-proclaimed marketing-genius Marta Kagan, creator of the brilliant What the f**k is social media and Director of Marketing at Viximo has got the blogosphere chatting again after announcing her plan to blog about “those products/services/brands that agree to donate $100 to Doctors Without Borders.”

It’s an interesting one.

Marta believes that through her blog, she is giving brands access to her online communities on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook:

“I will spend time getting to know your product/company, and then… I’ll blog about it. I’ll Tweet about it. I’ll share it with my friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. I might even send out a good ole fashioned email, if that sort of ‘old school’ communication is warranted.

“In other words, $100 ensures that conversations will be started. They’ll travel. And in the meantime, you’ll be making a tax-deductible contribution to an extremely worthy cause.”

At present the take-up has not been huge. BUT. It is a great example of how online marketing is developing and how getting online communities discussing a brand can be incredibly beneficial… IF YOU TARGET THE RIGHT COMMUNITY!

And that is the key. If your target audience matches the xx number of people in Marta’s community, then $100 is a drop in the ocean.

Danny Whatmough