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It’s Snowtime Folks

Posted by putsimply on 2nd February 2009

Once again great swathes of the UK have ground to a halt with the advent of snow and there was not one London bus moving this morning.

What went wrong? Well, apparently despite gritting roads nobody thought to grit in front of the bus garages so no buses could get out. Then more snow fell than expected and covered the already gritted roads. Once again Boris Johnson’s excellent turn of phrase summed it up,  “the right kind of snow, it’s just the wrong kind of quantities.”

Nobody can complain that they were not warned that this weather was coming. For once the communication from the Met office was loud and clear – “snow is coming and will hit the South East first”. I left the office on Thursday saying, “see you Monday unless I am snowed in”.

And that is the joy of modern communication systems. I can sit at home in the warm and act as if I am in the office. I have my iMac, email, iChat and iPhone. I can communicate freely with colleagues and clients alike without any disruption to my days work.

Shame isn’t it. I could have been out tobogganing instead!