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Precision Marketing is no more

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 4th February 2009

Centaur Media has announced that the Precision Marketing title is to cease publication from the February issue, with most of publisher’s coverage of direct marketing moving into Marketing Week.

This is no surprise. Precision Marketing’s (new) editor Mark Choueke was named the new editor of Marketing Week last month. The title itself was moved from a weekly to a monthly title late last year. So things haven’t been looking good for a while.

Is this a problem?

In my mind, it just demonstrates the importance of online and the uphill battle that print titles now face.

It is a shame that there is not going to be a Centaur title dedicated to direct marketing (although it is still unclear whether the website will survive), though with Mark at the helm, we can but hope the editorial focus at MW might readjust itself. Marketing Week is a good publication, but its focus is still very much big brands, advertising/branding and big agency.

Moving all news online and leaving the magazine to handle comment and features is surely the way to go. The rumours are that the magazine and the website will get a major revamp soon. Watch this space!

Danny Whatmough