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Golden Apples – Dramatic Mac price rise

Posted by putsimply on 4th March 2009

Wow…. Once again Apple has proven that it’s willing to play by no-one’s rules. How has Apple responded to the weak pound and the worst recession of recent memory? By jacking up the prices of its hardware massively.

…The Mac Mini, which comes without a screen or a keyboard, starts at £499 – as compared to £391 before today. The 20in iMac now costs £949 – the old price was £782. Right at the top of the range, the brand new 8-core Mac Pro costs £2499, but the quad-core costs £1899, up from £1712.

Bad move, bad move. What are they thinking? Nice though they are, I can’t imagine sales of Macs, etc would hold up even as they were, let alone with a hefty price rise. In the last year two or three friends of mine have travelled to either America or Canada to pick up a Mac laptop, simply because they’re about half the price over there, and the price difference more than pays for a flight around the world!

More expensive iPhones, desktops, laptops, and now this. Given the double-whammy of a weak currency and a hefty price rise, I’m not sure this is the right strategy for Apple.