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Nuremberg v Barcelona

Posted by putsimply on 6th March 2009

As another trade show slides into the history books, and the travel-bag gets put back in the loft for the second time in as many weeks, what do I think?

Well Embedded World was busy, busy with news and products, busy with eye-catching demos and more importantly visitors.  Admittedly most of them were German, not as many American or Nordic visitors as Mobile World Congress but the people I spoke with certainly weren’t unhappy with the numbers of people they were seeing.  Maybe because of the Intel announcement on Monday my perception was that Atom was everywhere, I know lots of people don’t consider it as an industrial embedded player yet but place your bets now – Intel had the biggest stand of any single vendor I could see.

Intel's stand was big, but not as big as my finger!

Lowlights of the trips were overusing my data allowance rendering me Twitterless for well, hours!  And an indirect flight home with the longest walk between one Lufthansa plane and the next I have ever experienced – I lost kilos!

As for what EBV was doing with a large man on stilts dressed as a tree, your guess is as good as mine.

Makes a change from painted ladies I suppose.