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Democracy at work?

Posted by putsimply on 2nd March 2009

Continuing my observations on social networking sites, I am intrigued by the latest news from Facebook.  Apparently it has decided to hand over control of data on its site to the users by allowing them to vote on changes.  This has been brought about at the outrage when it appeared that the site was claiming ownership of the data of users, even when they had left it.

The catch? Well, they will only instigate the vote if more than 7,000 comments have been made by Facebookers on a particular topic. Mr Zuckerberg has said, : “We think that is pretty reasonable. We have designed the votes so a small minority of users cannot create a binding election.”

This all led me to compare this to the government of the UK and wondered if they could learn something from Facebook.  At least the social networking site has realised that to keep its users happy it needs to let them feel they have some control over the situation by a referendum.  Nice if governments did the same thing.