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Wildfire’s Top Twits

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 18th November 2008

Twitter‘s never-ending rise in popularity has been growing in recent weeks with Prime Ministers, tv shows and developers all looking to get in on the action.

Here at Wildfire, we have been monitoring this new social media tool for a while now and are active users. Indeed, we have our own agency feed (@wildfirepr) and are embarking on a number of campaigns for clients involving Twitter in the next few months.

Last week, our interest was rewarded in a list of PR Tweeters [those who Tweet] and in the PR agency league table generated from the list.

Wildfire is currently sitting in a highly respectable joint 11th with seven Tweeters in total so far in our ranks. Not bad Tweeter-employee ratio!

You can follow Debby, Sarah-Anne, Kate, Gabi, Claire, Louise and Danny (and of course Wildfire) on Twitter now.

Danny Whatmough