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Barack’s Blackberry banned

Posted by putsimply on 17th November 2008

One of the images frequently seen during the recent US presidential election campaign was that of Barack Obama checking his Blackberry at every given opportunity. It has now been announced that when he takes up ownership of the Oval office his handheld will be banned – it is deemed a security risk. It is, however, believed that he will be the first US President to have a laptop on the desk.

This brought a few questions to my mind:

What does the President do all day if he does not spend it at his computer like the rest of us?  How does he check his Facebook site and his You Tube clippings in his lunch hour? How does he do his Christmas shopping? Does the UK PM have a computer on his desk or does he just rely on others to supply him with the information?

I am not a conspiracy theorist but I do wonder if the “leader of the free world” is being cut off from access to that very world by those who would like to ensure that he only learns what they want him to.

I would be lost without my iPhone and the access it gives me to information and work emails wherever I am and I am sure Obama will hate having his Blackberry prised from his hands.