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Why B2B buyers have no friends…

Posted by Chris King on 15th October 2020

This blog post is an extract from Wildfire’s latest guide, “The science of B2B influence”

If marketing campaigns are to be believed, B2B buyers are some of the most soulless human beings alive. People who spend their lives scrolling LinkedIn, listening to webinars, downloading reports, and reading their favourite trade publications.

They don’t engage with influencers or quirky campaigns. They have no family, no friends, no circle of influence. They are business-minded robots, making calculated decisions based on facts and facts alone.


B2B buyers are no different to anybody else. Their influences are broad, their thought processes non-linear, and their decisions emotionally led. If brands find the right influences — and the right influencers — they can do so much more than a traditional B2B marketing campaign. Yet when people think of influencer marketing, they rarely think of B2B brands.

Nobody’s using Kylie Jenner to promote marketing software or Logan Paul to plug a new IT solution. Yet, in 2020 half of all B2B brands want to experiment with influencers. And with the right strategy in place, this could deliver big business results.

So just how do you go about building your own B2B influencer campaign?

Well, thankfully, the boffins at Wildfire Labs have spent their time answering that very question in our latest The science of B2B influence report.

Download the full five step guide to find out:

  • Why B2B marketers need to think about relevance, not reach
  • How to build credibility and be seen before you’re heard
  • Why it’s vital to focus on expertise, not endorsements
  • How to play the long game and make the most of your relationships

Download The Science of B2B Influencer
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Chris King

Chris’s extensive experience of agency PR, ‘can-do’ attitude and track record for achieving outstanding results time after time make him a firm favourite amongst clients. His natural teaching skills make him an expert mentor and respected MD.