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Where did I put my phone charger…

Posted by putsimply on 10th December 2010

Irish –American comedian Des Bishop coined the phrase ‘Nokia Retard’ a few years ago as  part of a skit where he describes the awkward situation that often arises when fans stop him for a photo. Des doesn’t mind being recognized and jokes that as an egomaniac comedian he quite enjoys the attention but he does mind the fan’s friend fumbling about with the phone trying to get the camera to work while he’s glued cheek-to-cheek to a hysterical teen. The climax of the joke is a crowd gathers around the shrieking fan as the friend panics “Can’t use it! It’s not a Nokia!” It’s funny because Des tells the joke in a fake Father Ted ‘Oirish’ accent, but also because it’s true.

When I say I’m buying a new phone, I mean I’m buying a new Nokia and I’m not the only one. A college friend was outraged when Nokia changed their phone chargers a few years ago, rendering her spare charger in every room system redundant and causing more than a few rows at home over which charger belonged to which phone.

I was perfectly happy in my Nokia bubble but the iPhone hype is starting to wear down my resistance. iWant. I’m starting to believe I really will be a better, more fulfilled person with an iPhone, just like those happy people in the adverts. I’ll use my apps for good, not for playing Angry Birds all day.
Torn between a Nokia and iPhone, something had to be done. After a quick chat with the nice man in my local Carphone Warehouse I am now in possession of a HTC Wildfire. I still haven’t worked out how to use the calendar properly and the touchscreen is impossible to use with gloves on but so far so good. Their My-First-Smartphone design has made my first smartphone a hit, even if it’s not a Nokia. Now where did I put my charger….