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Twitter Health Warning!

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 17th March 2009

Today O2 has boldy proclaimed that Twitter is being increasingly used by SMEs and is becoming an incredibly beneficial tool for them.

And (somehow) through a survey of only 500 businesses, O2 managed to (guess?) estimate that 700,000 small businesses are using Twitter for commercial purposes.

These numbers are as hard to refute as they are to create, but I guess it shows (again) that Twitter, and it use in business, is here to stay.

Twitter gives brands and businesses unparalleled visibility into what their clients or customers are thinking. But how should it be used? There are no rules or conventions; the technology is too young.

Whilst I am all for businesses trying to experiement and engage through social media, it has to be approached with caution.

And this is the main problem I have with O2’s ‘research’. The businesses who are saving £5,000 using Twitter will have well thought-out social media strategies.

Twitter has great potential for brands (Dell claims to have made $1M through the service), but using it for financial gain takes time, thought and care.

Danny Whatmough