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Google Maps is watching

Posted by putsimply on 19th March 2009

Today Google Maps Street View has appeared for parts of the UK and Europe. You can see my house, the road just around the corner from the office and no doubt that most of central London will be covered. Suffice to say the family home in the heart of Dorset isn’t there quite yet, but I’m sure that most of the UK will soon be covered.

Street View has been around for a while now in other countries, and has naturally caused some controversy. People have been spotted emerging from places that they shouldn’t have been in, and a swift edit was required on the image of one road when it was spotted that a dead animal was in the road – and naturally the street view car was held to blame.

It’s going to be interesting to see what unfolds in London alone, and particularly how Google deals with the fall out. No doubt there will be some people captured emerging from less than reputable bars, and potentially people emerging from the houses of people they really shouldn’t be seeing. I’m a big fan of Street View and love being able to see recognisable places, but it’s only a matter of time until the first person makes a complaint about being photographed and put online.