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Top tips for MWC 2011 – Part two: General security tips

Posted by putsimply on 9th February 2011

Continuing our series of top tips for MWC, we should also look briefly at security.

Although your primary focus for MWC should be making good business contacts and drinking in the atmosphere, a few simple precautions will make your trip safer and more enoyable.

  • Know your areas: If you choose to sample the city’s diverse nightlife, exercise discretion when walking along, or especialy straying away from, the area around La Ramblas. To generalise, the area to the Southwest of La Ramblas is less secure than the buzzier, more fun Northeastern side.
  • Lockups: Keep your valuables close by you, and secure a lockup early. Be warned, to get into the La Fira lockup you’ll need to queue *very* early. Try keeping your cameras and laptops in something other than something that looks like a dedicated camera or laptop bag. No need to advertise your valuables, and wherever possible try to remain in a group. Most of the hotels in Barcelona have a lockup facility to protect your goods, even the more basic hostel. If they don’t, find one, or consider offerring your hotel cash to look after your posessions.
  • Secure passports and cash: Avoid carrying large amounts of cash on you: That said, it’s advisable, for the sake of security, to keep at least *some* cash and photo ID on you, (security at the venue may ask for this from time to time). We’d also recommend the purchase of a subtle money belt as can be worn beneath the clothing.

Further security information, including security numbers, can be found here:    As with everything else, exercise common sense to remain secure.