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Top tips for MWC 2011: Making the most of the show

Posted by putsimply on 8th February 2011

If you’ve never been to Mobile World Congress before, but are getting on a plane this weekend, you’re in for a hell of a show.

Here are EML’s top MWC tips. Pay attention, and you just might learn something:

  • Eat right: It’s a long show. It’s not unusual to be on the floor from 9am to 7am. We’re not your mother, and we’re sure you can look after yourself. Nevertheless, make sure you eat plenty of carbs each morning, and keep yourself topped up. Exhaustion is not uncommon, so avoid 3am finishes. And make sure you take a change of underwear young man…
  • Be careful with time: Do not underestimate the amount of time it takes to walk between the Halls in La Fira. Across the eight halls, and with the crowds, it can easily take 30 minutes to cross the site, and its not uncommon for appointments to be missed. Try to ensure you finish appointments a few minutes early, and be strict with your timing, for this very reason.
  • Dress correctly: Boy or girl, wearing high heels at La Fira will leave you very, very sorry if you have a lot of walking around to do.
  • Don’t rely on connectivity: Have work to do? Make sure it’s stored locally, and that you minimise your reliance on internet connections while at La Fira. Ironically, for a show all about wireless technology, getting a mobile data or Wi-Fi signal at the show can be a pig. That said, make sure you remember to buy some data roaming allowance in advance, or turn it off, unless you want a ruinous phone bill.
  • Double-check your hotel booking: Hotels are oversubscribed during MWC week, and mistakes are sometimes made. If you find yourself having to book on-the-spot, you’re going to pay through the nose.
  • Keep information digital: Keep a good supply of business cards to hand out, so that companies can quickly email you information. Similarly, be prepared to either sideload lots of information onto your computer, or collect a lot of USBs. While you’ll be guaranteed to pick up some printed information, many companies will be giving out data-only, and paper can weigh you down
  • Network: Take the time to attend every networking even that’s relevant to you. You’re paying  a lot for this show, so make the most of it.
  • Think ahead to the period after the show: With all the frenzied prep for MWC it’s easy to forget there’s life on the other side. Make sure you’ve already thought about all the follow-up contact that will be required after the show, and any other commitments that will kick in on your return. It’s too easy to get blinkered.