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Thinking about a new PR career? Look no further…

Posted by Hannah Wright on 23rd June 2017

Five years and six months ago, I penned my very first blog for Wildfire – or EML Wildfire as it was formerly known – as a fresh Account Executive, straight out of university and not much experience under my belt other than a few months of internships and a huge passion for technology and PR.

You can read it here. Try not to cringe too much, I was a newbie after all.

Fast forward to 2017. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m leaving Wildfire to explore freelancing and potentially do some travelling. It’s not a decision I took easily, having had some of the most rewarding years of my life at this modest boathouse on the Thames, where I have learnt so much and matured into a seasoned PR professional.

So I wanted to use this chance to reminisce on my experiences and give you a sneak peek into a fantastic PR agency that could be part of your career too.


This is a huge part of Wildfire. Unlike many of the large agencies in central London, you don’t get swallowed up in the masses, with 28 staff members sitting in an open-plan office. Since I’ve been here, we’ve changed seats every six months, to give you the chance to sit with different people and make new friends.

The pub on Friday (but let’s face it, any day) is a usual occurrence, with our ‘lunch club’ meeting every day, sitting in our own lounge room or the picnic benches outside. If you fancy a break from the screen and a chance to gossip about the latest ‘Love Island’ episode or Netflix series, this is the place for you! There’s also the annual summer and Christmas parties, that has previously involved scavenger hunts, cocktail making classes and a Brazilian theme fiesta!

Fantastic clients

As a b2b and b2c international agency, it’s great to be able to work between a diverse mix of industries and countries. You’d be surprised how often these industries can overlap – with b2b companies often needing to raise their profile with consumer audiences. With the chance to work on both sides, you will have the ability to build your skillset and work with some of the most amazing companies across the world.

Work life balance
When it comes to having a work life balance, no one is tied to their desks and forced to stay in the office until 11pm every night. You’re trusted to manage your own workload and if you’ve finished by 5.15, then no one will raise eyebrows. This means you can still enjoy your free time in the evenings, which is particularly good right now as you can still enjoy the sun!

And finally, the people. The Wildfire team are some of the hardest working yet kindest people that I know. They are always fair, understanding and keen to make sure you are continuously learning in order to make your career flourish. I will truly miss all the friendships I’ve formed with both colleagues and clients – if you’re looking at technology PR jobs, this is certainly the place for you!

Wildfire are now hiring. If you have firm understanding of modern communication technology and a relevant degree, get in touch! Interest in Love Island and trash TV only slightly essential.

Hannah Wright

After joining in 2011, Hannah brings a wealth of experience across both consumer and B2B PR.