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The way it will be

Posted by putsimply on 24th April 2009

Social media division will come

I met an interesting chap called David this week, he helped me confirm something I’ve considered before but haven’t really figured out.  Where to draw the line between what social media is good for work and what isn’t.

David said (and he knows) that the time is fast approaching when everyone will get tired of the growing blend of social and business interaction and say no, enough.  I liked my private life better when it wasn’t mixed up with work.

Maybe we should all develop more distinct personalities on-line, not schizophrenia but something more managed, more considered.

I currently have just one Twitter identity which I find useful for work but will soon divide this and experiment with two, maybe the lack of trivia in my work Tweets will be a bad thing – especially given my profession, or maybe it will present a more professional and objective image.

Whatever happens to me I believe David is right, as the new digital order evolves we’ll start taking back ownership of our private lives to avoid being trampled in the stampede.