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Let’s meat

Posted by putsimply on 27th April 2009

Far be it from us to offer someone free advertising, but this is categorically the best thing I’ve seen all day.

What’s the relevance of meat-based business cards to technology PR, you say? If you’re asking that question, you and I are on two very different wavelengths.

Also, did I mention they burn your name into the meat with a *laser*? Stories like this illustrate how applicable high technology is our everyday lives.

Before you gaze in rapt awe at this magnificent list of my other favourite meatbased websites take the time to go and look at this fellow.

Glad I haven’t got *him* running my business development, aren’t you? If you’re putting that much faith in your business cards, you probably don’t have a viable business. Unless you design business cards. Or your business cards are made of meat. Or you’re an ass. Or you work in Hoxton.