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The silly season

Posted by putsimply on 30th July 2009

I love this time of year when the papers are full of non-news and you can spot the sub editor having fun with the headlines.

A story I particularly enjoyed this week was the one about the Germans being able to pre-book their sunbeds before they depart for a holiday. Apparently this service is not available to other countries. I had this vision of sitting in front of the computer booking a flight, check-in baggage, chose the hotel, select my sunbed in just the right position for the sun and then booking a cool beer to be brought to me at a specific time every day so I didn’t have to move at all – bring on the technology. And with an electronic book I wouldn’t even need a page turner. Now that would be a holiday.

I also think a result of the silly season was the way the press reacted to David Cameron’s radio interview in which he used two ‘swearwords’. Well, half the office did not even know that the first one, which began with a ‘t’ followed by three asterices (I just love that word), was considered a swear word at all. The other, where he talked about the electorate being “p***** off with politicians” seemed everyday language to most of us. When I saw the headlines I thought he had been using hardcore swearwords.

Mind you, it did raise a smile and I haven’t had a debate on swearwords since I left school.