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Posted by putsimply on 3rd August 2009

For a while I have been getting more and more exasperated by the stupid mistakes that appear in newspapers and the crass headlines that do not seem to relate to the facts contained within the articles. Recently I found towns in the property section of The Times transported into different counties hundreds of miles away.  How many times do you find yourself reading an article over and over again to make sense of it? Twice in the last six months I have found the final paragraph (it could have been two or three as I never found out) of articles missing in my local paper.

I was always led to believe that it was the subs job to write the headlines, check the detail is correct and edit to fit if necessary. The question I find myself asking is, do the current incumbents have enough general knowledge to cope with the task in hand?

However, what prompted me to finally blog my frustration was this comment piece about Arsene Wenger in the sports section of the DT today which included the potentially immortal line “Supporters are not given to sewing, only reaping”. Now my family have taken a lot of stick over the years for supporting Arsenal, and I have taught my son to cook to high level, but the thought of the serried ranks of supporters sitting at the Emirates with their embroidery did make me laugh.