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The (chocolatey) benefits of Twitter

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 25th November 2008

Another week, another Twitter related post, this time a little closer to home.

Last week, I started following @LitmanLive on Twitter and was delighted to get a private message informing me that I was his 500th follower and he would like to send me something to celebrate.

I was intrigued!

I admit that I had more-or-less forgotten about the incident when on Monday morning a big Waitrose box arrived on my desk with a very chocolatey cake inside [goes without saying that I immediately became the most popular person in the office, at least for the day!].

Michael has written about the episode too and I agree with his sentiments. I started using Twitter just to see what all the fuss (the fuss was relatively quiet back then) was about. Like most, I initially struggled to either the difference to Facebook and/or why the service was apparently so addictive.

However, as I used it more and built up relationships with people, as a networking tool, it has become invaluable. Through Twitter I have formed relationships with more people in a short space of time than through all the networking events I have ever been to! [Granted, I use this mainly as a business tool within a corner of a profession that is very tech, web and social media savvy.]

Michael is doing a bit better than me on the follower-front obviously [congratulations again btw :)] but he too obviously values and appreciates the bonds that he has also formed.

So please do follow me on Twitter and check Michael out as well and hopefully we can get networking! You never know – one day – you may get rewarded too.

Danny Whatmough