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Tech stories that caught our eye in September

Posted by Alex Warren on 1st October 2013

Have a break: Buy an Android  – 4th September

We’ve had gingerbread men, jellybeans, and ice cream sandwiches. Now, in keeping with Android’s cavity-inducing OS nicknames, Google has unveiled the Android Kit Kat. Launching an informal partnership with Nestlé, the brands teamed up to develop an awesome tech-style landing page. For some though, the companies appear unlikely bedfellows. Considering Nestlé’s controversial history, the question must be asked whether the partnership really fits with Google’s patented “do no evil” approach.

If Apple builds it, they will come  – 10th September

This month finally saw Apple launch its 5s and 5c iPhones. Having spent months veiled in a shroud of completely transparent non-secrecy, the launch didn’t quite receive the fanfare usually associated with Apple events. Moving away from the tightly knit branding of the Steve Jobs’ years, the new iPhone is now available in a wide variety of colours. It also includes an NSA-defeating fingerprint sensor (later bypassed within one day of the announcement). Despite the mixed reviews, Apple still went on to sell over nine million units within their first three days.

GTA V: The secret ingredient… is crime  – 17th September

As to be expected, the latest instalment of Grand Theft Auto smashed the video game market this month with all the force of a tire iron through a car window. Filled with the usual combination of murder, misogyny and vehicular mayhem, GTA V was destined to be a controversial success. Triumphed in reviews across both mainstream and gaming media, even the most prudent of press struggled not to salute GTA’s role as a British product competing on an international stage.

Tesco’s tablet proves every little helps   – 23rd September

If there was ever a company ballsy enough to take on the likes of Apple and Samsung, Tesco would be a decent bet. From home insurance to online banking, everyone’s favourite food conglomerate has never had much issue taking a punt at previously unexplored industries. Breaking into the tablet market with their ludicrously cheap ‘Hudl’ brand, it’s clear that Tesco is still a force to be reckoned with. That said, while such predator pricing strategies may have worked for Tesco in the past, they might not be enough to take a bite out of Apple?

Blackberry. Going once… Going twice…   – 24th September

It’s been a tough month for BlackBerry. With almost a billion in losses, up to 40% job cuts, and the removal of devices from all T-Mobile stores, things couldn’t have looked bleaker for the formerly acclaimed handset provider. In a grab for survival the company decided to cut the cord on its popular BBM messaging service and release it into the untamed Android and iPhone markets. A clever ploy, but one that ultimately failed when the app was pulled a mere hour after its launch. Still, there was at least some light at the end of the tunnel when Blackberry was acquired by Fairfax Financial Holdings for $4.2 billion – admittedly, $96 billion less than its peak valuation.

Image Credit: Lucas Zallio

Alex Warren

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