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Spotty Dog

Posted by putsimply on 28th August 2009

I'm afraid I remember Spotty Dog too

I’m a big music user, both in quantity and variety. This year I discovered Spotify and it really made an impression on me about the way everything digital is migrating cloud-wards.

I got my first CD player when I was 30, imagine that! I know what analogue sounds like and used to be able to tell the difference, well mostly. Now I have several hundred discs which only get used in the car or when I want to remember what music sounds like at full resolution. The latter is a rare event because at my age I can’t hear the top-end anyway and I’m lazy, and so far more likely to click a mouse than find and open a CD case and wait for it to load.

I’m delighted Apple has made the sensible decision to let Spotify loose on the iPhone, I’m not sure it’s better than iTunes for someone like me who does an occasional paid download, but it underpins the model and competition is only ever good for the consumer.

I’m not even sure I will use Spotify on my iPhone but I think enough people will now subscribe to ensure the service gains more investors and evolves to be massive – it deserves to.

Here’s my tip, next time you want a party buy a day-pass on Spotify, put the computer in the middle of the room connect it to a loud stereo and invite a load of friends with conflicting music tastes and tell them to take turns adding to the play-list, buy plenty to drink you’ll be there till 3!