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It’s about time

Posted by putsimply on 4th September 2009

A colleague pointed out a Telegraph article, flawed admittedly, listing 50 things being killed by the internet including [the art of polite disagreement], a skill long since forgotten in our office as any disputed fact is mercilessly researched to a solid conclusion in seconds.

I’ve browsed most of the entries in the piece, and read the inevitable brainless comments which follow, and have to conclude it’s just about the way we allocate time.

Number 14: I agree with particularly – Dead time. Gazing out the window, sitting and listening to music and not doing anything at all – I’d love to feel I have time to do that.

I must make time to read the paper, I must make time.....

I’ve never been a big reader but now you are far more likely to find me me aimlessly browsing or checking email than picking up a new paperback or reading a ‘paper’.  I wonder how long THAT name will be commonly understood, as the lack of dead and down-time makes paper readers the quaint exception?