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Posted by putsimply on 18th December 2007

I warn you now … this blog entry has the potential to be misconstrued as an abuse of my coveted EML blogger status with the sole intention to satisfy a personal goal … so in an attempt to slip past the EML censors I will mask it as a PR experiment with smatterings of technology for good measure.

On June 28th I’m marrying my lovely fiance up in Lincolnshire (so what? I hear you say).

Now all the usual stuff like church, cake, photographer is well on the way to getting sorted. However, being ‘challengingly different’ (to be polite) my dearest bride-to-be has gone and set her heart on driving herself and her dad to the church in a Pink Smart Car (they did a limited edition a year or two ago) rather than the classical Jaguar, Mercedes, Rolls Royce etc, or even the semi-common horse and carriage.

Being a ‘green belt’ in the art of Google I’ve managed to find people who specialise in hiring smart cars, but I’ve called them and surprise, surprise they don’t have a pink one…

I was about to hang my head in failure… but then it occurred to me (working in PR and that) does my plight have enough PR potential behind it to entice Smart’s marketing department or my local Smart dealership? Would they sort her out with one for the day? Better still for free? I can see the cheesy photo splashed across the local newspaper now and maybe even some coverage in one of those enormously dull wedding magazines.

Maybe there are even hundreds of brides-to-be whose unrealised dream is to drive to the church in a Pink Smart Car and I’ve struck upon a veritable business gold mine for someone (then again maybe not).

So, anyone know a PR/marketing contact at Smart or what agency does their PR?

< EML censors take note: i) I’ve used the word ‘PR’ five times and ‘key message’, ‘magazine’, ‘coverage’ and ‘newspaper’ once ii) cars are technology >