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Plastic Logic appoints Wildfire to raise its profile in Europe and Asia for flexible plastic electronic displays

Posted by admin on 17th March 2017

14th March 2017. London, UK. – Plastic Logic, the industry leader in the design and manufacture of glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs), has appointed leading technology PR agency, Wildfire, to help the company establish itself as the primary global authority on EPDs.

With over a decade of experience developing and manufacturing glass-free displays, Plastic Logic’s cutting-edge technology is truly flexible, robust and low-power, lending itself to a range of new market applications where designs have previously been constrained by the limitations of traditional glass displays.

Wildfire has been appointed to raise Plastic Logic’s profile in China, Korea and Taiwan, as well as enhance its brand position across Europe, and support the company in capitalising on the limitless opportunities presented by plastic electronic displays.

Tim Burne, CEO, Plastic Logic, commented: “Our technology is already enabling radically new and innovative productive development, but there remains an even bigger opportunity to capitalise on. With Wildfire’s technology expertise and extensive knowledge of the electronics industry and media landscape, I’m confident that they will be a valuable partner in assisting us to raise our visibility, educate the market on the merits of our technology and  support our lead generation efforts.”

“We recognise the potential for diversification that Plastic Logic’s technology presents and our aim is to deliver an integrated PR campaign that enriches Plastic Logic’s global reputation and positions it as the go-to partner for flexible plastic displays,” commented Andrew Shephard, Director, Wildfire.


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