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Nokia’s really gone and done it now

Posted by Andrew Shephard on 28th February 2017

When my first daughter was two I had a Nokia mobile very much like the 3310 it just relaunched. Actually, I had a 3330 with half-baked internet connection via WAP and some funky clip on covers. It was a truly excellent device, especially considering that in comparison we were just being introduced to the second generation of the Ford Mondeo and this amazing Jabra Bluetooth headset, which was when people talking to themselves in public first became a thing, which was launched in the UK by some of my colleagues here at Wildfire.


That was 17 long years ago. During that time I’ve gradually managed to get my mother-in-law to firstly adopt a mobile phone (starting with a 3310) and then work her way up the scale of digital world compatibility until she is now just on the cusp of buying her very first smartphone – thereby finally gaining fully connected status when out and about.

Now the 3310’s back I’m almost certain Apple will be losing that sale and we’ll be back to three word texts that represent the pinnacle of digital interaction between the generations.

Thanks Nokia. (Great publicity stunt by the way).

Andrew Shephard

Andrew’s engineering background and ‘fluff-free’ attitude combined with probably the broadest knowledge of technology installed in one PR brain ensures critical insight for Wildfire’s clients. He has driven campaigns for major forces in the semiconductor industry over 18 years including NEC Electronics, Sun Microelectronics and TSMC along with game-changing start-ups like Achronix and Nujira.